Minimising the risks in airline IT procurement

ProcureIT™ is a contract-first RFP process that delivers genuine comparisons between vendor solutions, and their contract and commercial terms. It has protections against vendors over-promising, and processes to assess the impact on your current architecture, and the timescales and effort needed for implementation. The process, together with the supporting guides, templates and tools, greatly speeds the procurement process which can be completed in a matter of weeks, enabling multiple stakeholders to contribute, whilst maintaining clear structure and control and translates directly into draft contracts.

The unique T2RL RPF process has ensured significant financial savings for airline customers globally during complex IT system negotiations. This industry-specific RFP process can be completed in just 17 weeks, reducing legal fees and saving time for airlines.

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time and money through a streamlined RFP process, which delivers customised draft contracts, can be run in only 17 weeks


Integrated scoring tools enable comparison of supplier offers for 2000+ weighted requirements


Ensure outcomes are aligned to your commercial/corporate strategy by customizing and weighting questions as required

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