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T2RL’s unique research and analysis provides a holistic view of the airline IT landscape for commercial and operations systems, helping airline IT vendors target customers, develop new product pipelines and respond to RFPs for complex airline technology. Our data is used by government bodies, investors and industry associations as well as airlines and IT technology providers as a reliable source in understanding the dynamics of the global airline IT market. Analysis of data gathered since 2000 has allowed T2RL to define and track classifications of airlines and their IT providers.

T2RL subscription services can be consumed on a per seat or enterprise basis.


T2RL track vendor market shares for each of the key applications according to a defined framework based on passengers boarded, enabling IT vendors to understand the dynamics of the market.

  • T2RL tracks over 200 vendors specialised in the Airline IT space and over 1,400 airlines globally.
  • Develop an informed pipeline around startup airlines.
  • Understand the high level architecture of an Airline’s IT systems.
  • Understand the market split in terms of airline distribution.
  • Target the right airlines.


60+ contracts globally for airline IT technology have been completed using the T2RL unique ProcureIT technology RFP process streamlining complex IT procurement for airlines.

A subscription to the T2RL RFP.net ensures IT vendors can up-date and store RFP responses for use in multiple RFPs, saving time and resources, as well as gaining insight into how their RFP responses have been scored, which supports future product development planning and prioritisation, as well as customer targeting.


T2RL are able to carry out dedicated research for clients seeking a deeper understanding of specific areas of our coverage. We can work independently, under our own name, or in conjunction with the client’s own resources to produce bespoke reports and datasets to tight specification and short time scales.

Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

T2RL research helps airline IT vendors to best meet the needs of the airline industry by:

  • SAVING TIME: Quick, easy access to t2rl.net helps vendors to source target airline markets.
  • SAVING MONEY: Help sales and marketing teams understand their target market more effectively and efficiently.
  • TRUST: t2rl.net is a reliable source of data helping IT vendors understand the dynamics of the airline market.
  • STAYING COMPETITIVE: Keep up-to-date with competitor activity



Keeping in touch: Industry insight from experts who understand the implications of changing markets. T2RL publish relevant analysis on industry developments to help keep airlines and vendors alike up-to-date on what market changes mean for them.


Reporting on the airline industry is a very challenging activity. Reporting on the supply of IT services to the industry just adds to the complications. At T2RL we have a well-established process to ensure that we track numbers that are consistent and provide an accurate representation of the state of the industries we follow.

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