We help travel companies find the right travel technology partner for the future

BETTER information for better DECISIONS


T2RL has helped 60+ airlines procure complex technology with our unique RFP tool and process. We can help remove the uncertainty and apprehension in finding a travel technology partner, as our independent and unbiased process helps travel companies source and procure the best technology at the right price, with peace of mind and the best terms to match business requirements.

The T2RL RFP tool and process – adapted especially for travel companies – is based on decades of experience in supporting the airline industry to evaluate, select and procure complex technology solutions. Travel companies can now benefit from this experience and expertise when selecting and evaluating travel technology partners – to reduce risk, save cost and help deliver strategic solutions for future growth. We independently research and follow the solutions and services from over 150 of the world’s best travel platform technology providers.

Excellence in RFP's

OTA’s and other travel companies can take advantage of our extended team, efficient processes, unrivalled expertise in travel company requirements and contract negotiations.

Professional Tools

Our well established and fine-tuned RFP process and online tools, will help you match perfectly your complex requirements against our comprehensive network of platform technologies, using totally independent advice and stringent selection process to arrive at exactly the right solution.

Reduced Risk

Following the live demonstration phase of your shortlisted candidates, T2RL will help you complete the process in record time and get the best solution with the most favourable commercial terms

Some of the benefits

Save time

Increase your efficiency as a travel business with better information allowing you to quickly make better decisions and save your team time, energy and costs.

Grow your business

With better information and better decisions, your business feels the benefits as they strive forward into new markets and compete on a truely effective level.

Understand Better

Know what you are buying and who you are buying from. A technology partner can be key to growing your business so understanding everything before you sign is critical.


Empower your strategy team with better competitive insight, providing stability and the best development plans for the future technological marketplace.

We help travel companies

  • Assess their technology architecture
  • Identify beneficial products and innovation
  • Define and describe the right set of requirements
  • Create a list of potential, capable providers
  • Remove need for time-consuming and costly RFP’s
  • Conduct like-for-like comparisons
  • Do more and better business.


We help technology providers

  • Develop and design the right set of products
  • Improve their product roadmap
  • Reach into new markets
  • Better understand customer needs
  • Respond to more specific requirements
  • Engage customers quicker and more efficiently
  • Target the right customers
  • Win more relevant business


Discover how T2RL can help you build architectures for future business capability…