T2RLNexus: Connected data for research & analysis

T2RL Nexus™ blends unique T2RL data and insight with your own application information so you can track your portfolio, associated contracts and integrations. Critical data at your fingertips informs strategic decisions and helps save time, money and resources on vendor options & system architecture optimisation.

Develop future capability using T2RL intelligence on critical airline IT developments, innovations and peer/supplier landscaping.


  • Capture your application and application integration details to the application inventory
  • Compare your architecture to architectures of “airlines like me”
  • React to the key changes in the airline IT market
  • Export your data ready for a ProcureIT RFP


  • Identify alternative vendors
  • Visualise your applications against the T2RL Reference Architecture
  • Visualise your key contract events over time


  • Create an optimised procurement plan
  • Maximise opportunities for savings
  • Reduce risks from resourcing constraints
  • Remove need for an RFI, speeding up procurement process

Discover how T2RL can help you build architectures for future business capability…

Streamline how you plan and manage your IT portfolio with T2RLNexus and save time and money by optimising resources.

T2RLNexus helps you to develop system architectures for your future business capability needs.