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Offering solutions for the commercial & operational airline IT market

T2RL is a sounding board and trusted advisor to airline and vendor executives in strategy, sales, marketing and products, offering unique insight into the airline technology market wherever you are. T2RL help executives reduce risk, resources and cost enabling them to make the right decisions at the right time.

Procure IT RFP process: minimising the risks in airline IT procurement

T2RL save airlines a vast amount of money during complex IT system procurement negotiations

T2RL can run the RFP process in just 17 weeks, reducing legal fees and time for airlines. Please watch the three minute video for more.

Having conducted many workshops with airline and vendor staff, prepared detailed requirements, developed RFPs, analysed responses and concluded contracts for multiple carriers, T2RL have a unique insight into vendor solutions and their deployment, pricing and approach to negotiations. This knowledge allows airlines to select a process that suits their own working practices and resources for the purposes of defining, selecting and concluding a contract for the provision of technology services. Using T2RL’s RFP templates can reduce the time to contract as well as legal costs.

Derived from a set of key business model parameters, T2RL can make a recommendation on “best of fit” for any given airline based on many years of experience. The goal of any process is then to secure the supply of the services for the best possible price and under the most favourable terms taking into account each airline’s different position and leverage with vendors and its own internal capabilities (both IT and business sophistication). T2RL are immersed in PSS procurement managing multiple engagements every year.

MyAPPro: application portfolio management for airlines

Monitor all your contract expiration dates. Visualise resource contention, dependencies and assess impacts. Quickly identify key milestones.

MyAPPro is an application portfolio management tool that allows airlines to track their portfolio, associated contracts and integrations from a demand and risk perspective.

Basic data on an airline’s applications and contracts can be augmented with T2RL’s reference data on average procurement and implementation lead times to provide cues on when the airline should be ready to go to market. Information on integration between applications and the timeline view of likely procurement and implementation activities can help identify and highlight future demand hotspots, and supply risks.

Market Analysis & Primary Research

T2RL track vendor market shares for each of the key applications according to a defined framework based on passengers boarded, enabling airlines to make informed decisions when selecting solutions to their technology requirements. It allows solutions vendors to understand the dynamics of the market and their competitive position within it and investors to evaluate opportunities for providing capital to the industry.

The data available is the result of over a decade of research into the market by the principals of T2RL. It is derived from published sources and direct primary research that has been carried out since 1999. T2RL continue to gather data in the course of their work with airlines, IT vendors and investors. Airlines and vendors pay for services through annual subscriptions. Investors and equity analysts also purchase the research for investment purposes. Access to this data is via our subscription website at www.t2rl.net.

T2RL publish their research on the subscription website www.t2rl.net

Distribution Strategy Development

T2RL assist airlines in the calculation of distribution contribution per channel to develop a distribution strategy and use this to work up the PSS requirements. Airlines need support around definition of distribution strategies for revenue generation. T2RL support a combination of project initiatives, technology deployment and Global Distribution Systems (GDS) negotiations as part of the distribution strategy. Revenue management complexity increases the options for distribution where often small and medium sized airlines lack the skilled resources to work through all of the complexity quickly and efficiently. T2RL provide clarity of thought in distribution strategy and clear costs and analytical frameworks based on the combination of cost and revenue.

T2RL CONFERENCES: Where airline industry IT procurement executives and vendors meet

New Architectures in Airline Systems Conference; Delivering Business Agility

The three-day conference will be held during September 2018 in London. It will expand the scope of the previous event, New Generation Passenger Systems, which in October 2017 attracted 230 delegates including top experts within the airline industry. The conference actively helps airlines in their mission to gain real value from their commercial IT systems investment.

Technology and Innovation in Airline Distribution Conference

The two-day conference will again take place in Asia in 2018. The 2017 event was a great gathering of distribution experts with over 160 INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS in attendance. The conference facilitated innovative discussions to support best practice sharing, create solutions to content issues and gain clarity in your commercial vision within a fast growing market.

“Very good, and the ‘question solution’ in the panel debates was impressive.”

“Informative, entertaining and thought provoking”