PSS 2018 Presentations

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Day One – 2nd October

The Future of the PSS in Digital Transformation, Monolith or Modular Solutions?

Setting the Scene

Richard Clarke – CEO, T2RL

Delivering a PSS that’s open for business

Dave Shirk – President of Travel Solutions, Sabre

Agility for transition and transformation

Bertrand Kientz – Chairman & CEO, Conztanz

Day Two – 3rd October

What’s driving change inside the PSS? Why?

A faster, better and cheaper PSS, fit for the future

Dheeraj Kohli – VP and Global head of Travel & Transportation, Unisys

Dynamic Pricing – the independent perspective

Scott Nason – Fellow, T2RL & Ian Tunnacliffe – Editor in Chief, T2RL

Accenture Presentation – One Order

Carsten Weiss – Accenture

Day Three – 4th October

Practical Advice for Buyers and Sellers of PSS Solutions, Where Next?

Distribution in the GDS and the link with PSS

Richard Clarke – CEO, T2RL & Nathalie Geurden – VP Consulting Services, T2RL