T2RL tracks over 200 vendors specialised in the Airline IT space and over 1,400 airlines globally

Our unique research is published on T2RL.net covering 200+ IT vendors and 1,400+ airlines to provide better information for better decisions and inform product development pipelines.

T2RL track over 200 vendors specialised in the Airline IT space

T2RL have tracked the IT strategies of the world’s airlines since the start of the 21st century. T2RL’s perspective on the key Airline IT vendors including ownership, customers, market share, platforms, functionality, history and analysis presents the most correct outlook of the vendor.

T2RL track over 1,400 airlines globally

Airline data including T2RL-defined business models, distribution channel splits, schedules summary, weekly flight, yearly airline passenger boarded traffic data, airline groups and alliances, franchise splits, e-commerce capabilities, frequent flyer membership, member numbers and capabilities.

Develop an informed pipeline around startup airlines

New airlines are starting up all the time. Despite often being unable to return the cost of capital there are investors willing to fund new airline ventures. T2RL list startups by region with information on location, investment, planned operational dates, fleet, routes and staff.

Understand the high level architecture of an Airline’s IT systems

View graphical representation of an airline’s commercial and operational architecture. Identify the relationships between an airline’s different IT systems including reservations, inventory, departure control, operational systems, revenue integrity, frequent flyer, revenue management, merchandising, accounting and business intelligence.

Understand the market split in terms of airline distribution

We offer detailed graphical and statistical views for breakdown of distribution channels of airlines by region and by channel. This data along with the reports prepared by T2RL on the subject, allow you to understand distribution on the global scale. We currently track 1428 airlines, that boarded 3,901,280,942 passengers in 2016.

Target the right airlines

It is critical to understand the addressable market and how it will evolve over time. In addition to its extensive database of airlines and which vendor’s products they use, T2RL have contract start and end dates which can provide vendors with a clear picture of the addressable market, which airlines it comprises and when the likely window of opportunity for each airline will be.

T2RL research helps airline IT vendors to best meet the needs of the airline industry by:

  • SAVING TIME: Quick, easy access to t2rl.net helps vendors to source target airline markets.
  • SAVING MONEY: Help sales and marketing teams understand their target market more effectively and efficiently.
  • TRUSTt2rl.net is a reliable source of data helping IT vendors understand the dynamics of the airline market.
  • STAYING COMPETITIVE: Keep up-to-date with competitor activity