Clients & Testimonials

T2RL is a reliable partner who understands the dynamics of the global airline IT market, serving airlines and IT providers as well as government bodies, investors and industry associations. We asked a few of their representatives what they think about us.


“We have been T2RL customers for over a decade now…The sheer amount of information that T2RL has on the market, PPS, internet booking engines, shopping & merchandising is very helpful. The process has been very useful in getting the results we want and getting the best deals and the best contracts and also looking at the market place and making the right choices.”

Julio Toro
CIO, Copa Airlines

“I would definitely recommend T2RL for other airlines, the process, the level of professionalism, the skills…the tool is key for the entire procurement process, from the start to the writing of the contract it was really helpful for us

Edgar Gomes
Director RM Systems and Distribution, Aeromexico

“It was worth every penny…We got financial benefits and contractual benefits, which will pay off easily. T2RL did a fantastic job and I’m very pleased that we had them in the picture.”

Carsten Schaeffer
CCO, Blue Air

“We save a lot of time and money. Rather than bringing other consultants, we can do it in one go, and we save both contracting time and procurement time.”

“Given that the PSS market is so small, a lot of people don’t have time and energy to follow it. For me, [] is an important source of information on what is happening on the market, if airlines are moving around or if there are new players coming into the market. We use it quite regularly. My understanding is this is the only place that you have it collectively. I haven’t seen anybody else collecting in that way.”

Kati Andersen
VP Digital Sales & Distribution, Scandinavian Airlines

“We feel we have a very fair contract and a really good partnership with our vendor. We feel like T2RL’s process helped us to get there without alienating our partner. We felt like it was a great process and we all got to where we wanted to be.”

“The conference has been great, networking has been great. Getting to know the other airlines and other providers has been really beneficial.”

Kathleen Wayton
SVP & CIO, Technology, Southwest Airlines

“T2RL helped us come about a process that could help us not only phase a negotiation with the vendors, but also understand exactly what was important for us in the selection process.”

“The method of T2RL, which was very different from what we were used to, actually, was very helpful because it made us think in a completely different way on how to phase a PSS selection process.”

“I think every airline that is intending to understand what they need from a PSS, need to think about hiring T2RL. This is definitely an expertise that we airlines don’t carry every day.”

Roberto Alvo
Senior Commercial VP, LATAM Airlines

“The outcome far exceeded our expectations. T2RL created a fair and transparent environment that drove commercial tension enabling us to achieve the best possible outcome. The T2RL team’s unique insight and negotiation expertise was outstanding and allowed us to maximize cost savings, upgrade our existing PSS technology, and obtain improved contractual terms – all within record time!”

Tina Larson
Director of Distribution, Hawaiian Airlines

“For me, I would say, or for Emirates, this conference brings together the who is who in the PSS lands, from suppliers, from airlines, and all that kind of things and because we are embarking on the major program and investing in the future of our PSS environment, although it’s not the system selection, it’s key that we actually have access to development people to talk about. We do a lot more in two days by actually having everybody together in a room or in the site discussions and actually having to want to have discussions with many different ones. It’s a very useful conference.”

Rob Broere

“The T2RL approach, the scoring, the methodology, we’re starting to use it internally now with other contracts, because we see that it really worked well.”

“Getting a PSS is something you’re not used to doing, because you just don’t change a PSS all the time. T2RL was there to help, they lend the expertise. The other thing with T2RL, they have a very unique way of doing the RFP process.”

George Reeleder
ex-CCO, Caribbean Airlines

“For almost all the airlines, this is our first opportunity to change our PSS, especially for a large airline, like Japan Airlines. They bring some knowledge and experience to us to help make a good decision. That’s also protecting us while we are proceeding the PSS project.”

Hitoshi Sugihara
Director, Japan Airlines


“I’m having a lot of fun. It’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of people to meet, but great people with great knowledge. I think it’s a great event to come year after year because T2RL thinks forward.”

Sébastien Trahan
Global Industry Principal, Travel & Transportation, CEC
SAP Hybris

“T2RL’s extraordinarily in-depth research and their detailed analyses have added a level of insight and guidance to the airline industry that goes far beyond what I thought possible. The Radixx team makes excellent use of their services and depends on them daily. T2RL has provided an indispensable assistance to our sales and marketing teams and continues to enhance our understanding of the marketplace.”

Unis S. Kamili
Director of Sales, Indian Subcontinent & Middle East, RADIXX

“ provides us with access to airline market data which includes an exhaustive list of airlines, current software providers, traffic figures, PSS contracts, PSS market reports etc. T2RLs database is an exhaustive and informative database and an important source of data input for our PSS program. T2RL data is the information and statistics that we use for our Sales & Marketing efforts.”

T J S Mathew
Principal Consultant- iFly Res, IBS