Chris Bird – Principal Analyst – Architecture

Chris Bird

Over 30 years in Information Technology

Chris has been involved with both technology vendors (most notably Sabre, where he was the Chief Architect of Airline Solutions), and airlines including KLM, Qantas, Delta, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines. His primary focus is in integration, working with airlines to determine integration approaches.

He is a specialist in data, data modeling and data analysis, especially as it relates to “joining up the airline” – ensuring that data across the airline domains are properly linked giving the ability to derive meaning and value from the data from a variety of angles.

He was a featured keynote speaker at the ACM Distributed Event Based Systems conference, and has presented at IATA conferences on joining up the airline. Chris joins T2RL while assisting Southwest Airlines on their migration to Amadeus. He has specific focus on the live streaming data from Amadeus and its integration into both an immediate Operational Data Store and downstream revenue and loyalty applications.