Over 60 airlines have chosen T2RL to support them through complex IT procurement processes

BETTER information for better DECISIONS

Evaluate. Select. Contract.

Airlines worldwide have benefited from T2RL products and services since 2005 to evaluate, select and contract commercial and operational IT solutions, resulting in significant savings in time and resources. Our highly experienced team of analysts guide airlines through complex IT procurement processes, building architectures which meet business capability needs both now and in the future, for passenger, distribution and operations systems.

T2RL has more than 10 years of unique airline and technology vendor data

T2RL has more than 120 customers globally

More than 60 contracts globally use T2RL’s unique technology RFP process

Managing contract and procurement processes can be complex, resource-heavy and time-consuming. T2RL products and services include industry-specific tools, to provide better information for better decisions – from planning and managing existing contracts, going to market for new systems to analysing complex cost. Our optional consultancy service ensures you have tailored support at critical stages relevant to your business requirements.

What our airline customerS have said

“The outcome far exceeded our expectations. T2RL created a fair and transparent environment that drove commercial tension enabling us to achieve the best possible outcome. The T2RL team’s unique insight and negotiation expertise was outstanding and allowed us to maximize cost savings, upgrade our existing PSS technology, and obtain improved contractual terms – all within record time!”

Tina Larson – Director of Distribution, Hawaiian Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines

“We feel we have a very fair contract and a really good partnership with our vendor. T2RL’s process helped us to get there without alienating our partner. We felt like it was a great process and we all got to where we wanted to be.”

Kathleen Wayton – SVP & CIO, Technology, Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines

“For almost all the airlines, this is our first opportunity to change our PSS, especially for a large airline, like Japan Airlines. They bring some knowledge and experience to us to help make a good decision. That’s also protecting us while we are proceeding the PSS project.”

Hitoshi Sugihara – Director, Japan Airlines
Japan Airlines

“T2RL’s extraordinarily in-depth research and their detailed analyses have added a level of insight and guidance to the airline industry that goes far beyond what I thought possible. The Radixx team makes excellent use of their services and depends on them daily. T2RL has provided an indispensable assistance to our sales and marketing teams and continues to enhance our understanding of the marketplace.”

Unis S. Kamili – Director of Sales, Indian Subcontinent & Middle East, RADIXX